The Association of Practising Pathologists

The VILAC Programme

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Association of Practising Pathologists

The VILAC Programme

Alpha Histo-Cyto Group - 2024

Rules and Regulations

  • We propose to have three cycles (March-April, June-July and August-September) in 2024.
  • Member will receive/share PT material which will consist of 4-5 histopathology/ cytopathology slides, microphotographs, chromatographs or any other related PT material etc.
  • Member will HAVE TO SUBMIT DIAGNOSIS OR DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS of the material sent by email before the assigned date.
  • Summary of opinions received will be circulated before the final discussion in APP quarterly meetings or ONLINE meetings.
  • All participants are requested to help organizers procure and present interesting cases (PT material slides, blocks etc.)
  • If you are interested, please fill out the Application form and send it before 22nd January 2024 to Dr. Rajan Verma, Secretary APP, C/o Dr Verma's Diagnostic Clinic, C2B/92-93A, Janak Puri, Delhi 110058 | M: 9999138158 | LL: 011-45025197